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Starfish Communications Ltd. is
Greg Wold |
Lili Derk | a handfull of extremely talented colleagues who we depend on to get things done on budget and on time.

Print & Web Graphic Design
Writing & Editing
West End, Vancouver BC, Canada
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Starfish Communications Limited has been incorporated since 1996.

A bit of History

Starfish Communications owners Greg Wold and Lili Derk worked in some of BC’s and Alberta’s top ad agencies for several years before deciding to combine forces and start their own studio. Effective problem-solvers with a passion for helping clients reach their marketing goals, “the Starfishes” have for over a decade delivered full-service marketing and communications solutions that get results.

Up from the Deep and out of the Blue
(or “How did Starfish get its Name?”)

We wanted a unique and contemporary name with a west coast feel. Something that said “Vancouver”. Something that would reflect our love of the ocean and all things marine. Something fresh, in a salty sea air kind of way. And of course, something hinting at the kind of “star quality” service we’d provide our clients.

It took several weeks of brainstorming to deliver a name that felt just right. Then, out of the blue … Thunk! A literal knock on the back door, followed by a “Scraw!” from somewhere above. Upon checking out what had caused the noise we were astounded to see a purple starfish lying on our studio deck. Mid-soar, a seagull had let go of its afternoon snack … and dropped it smack onto an inspiration-craving doorstep.

We invite you to browse through our work and let us be your seagull.

Working with Greg was a pleasure! He kept me in the loop, and was prompt and professional at every turn. I look forward to working with him again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my colleagues and friends as a great graphic designer. A real resource!”

Michele Fogal, Author
Michele's website redesign is HERE!

Greg has been hired by ICS numerous times to create conference logos and design various websites and printed material. He always proves to be creative, on time and on budget and therefore remains one of our longterm-suppliers.”

Mathias Posch, President at International Conference Services Ltd.

Starfish Communications' credit on our marquee publication was "Photoshop Wizard" because no one was better at making all our images look their best. I've worked with Greg since 1998 and he always comes through - making things work even when no one thought they would. He works to understand what clients want, and he delivers.”

Marie Della Mattia Owner, NOW Communications Advertising Agency
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